Friday, July 3, 2009

- Blog etiquette... or not?

Is the a rule about replying to your own post comments?

Some people have blogs just to write their thoughts and they really don't care whether their posts are read by a number of people. Another group write posts with the intention of having an audience (whether you have one or not is a different story). I read several blogs, and while I typically find the posts interesting the part I like the most are the comments. A post can be a polarizing, one-man (or woman)'s point of view. Comments, on the other hand, can level the playing field and usually present a broader view of the same situation.

People who blog for themselves I kinda get, although sometimes I think it might be better for them to have a private blog. The thing that I don't understand, is why some people who give the impression to be blogging to an audience do not (almost ever) reply to the comments. I don't expect the post's author to go to the commenter's blog and write there nor to answer with another post-long entry. Just a quick reply in their own blogs seems fair to me.