Thursday, September 13, 2007

- More quantum bioprocesses

Some time ago I posted a comment about how photosyntesis shows quantum mechanics charateristics in the macroscale.

Well, there are apparently only 3 biological processes that show quantum mechanical behavior in the large scale. Photosynthesis as already mentioned is one of them, but also vision by absorbing discrete lumps of energy and converting them into an electrical current, and pulmonary activity which I don't completely understand why.

Who would have thought only 3 uh? In any case, nature is so cool that didn't forget to add "macroscopic" QM systems in our bodies!

On a different note, I am realizing how difficult it is to maintain an updated blog. I'll try to be better at it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

-Teaching Physics...

Next week begins the lab for which I'll be the TA. It is an undergraduate electromagnetism lab for engineers. I am excited about it. Although this is not the first time I teach, I am looking forward to it because I am now at a well ranked university. There are rumors about it being much more fun. I hope the stories are true.

I enjoy physics, but I enjoy teaching physics a lot more. I've had good students before, even if just a small number of them. We'll see how this goes.

I just read a very interesting article. It is not new, but it is to me. It talks about how out society has pushed college education into making a grade, and thus, "making" some students beg for a better grade at the end of the semester, when there is nothing more to do.

Here is the link, you should check it out:

Anyways, time for me to go. but a message to my students: Get ready!!!