Friday, July 3, 2009

- Blog etiquette... or not?

Is the a rule about replying to your own post comments?

Some people have blogs just to write their thoughts and they really don't care whether their posts are read by a number of people. Another group write posts with the intention of having an audience (whether you have one or not is a different story). I read several blogs, and while I typically find the posts interesting the part I like the most are the comments. A post can be a polarizing, one-man (or woman)'s point of view. Comments, on the other hand, can level the playing field and usually present a broader view of the same situation.

People who blog for themselves I kinda get, although sometimes I think it might be better for them to have a private blog. The thing that I don't understand, is why some people who give the impression to be blogging to an audience do not (almost ever) reply to the comments. I don't expect the post's author to go to the commenter's blog and write there nor to answer with another post-long entry. Just a quick reply in their own blogs seems fair to me.


Anonymous said...

It saw your comments in somebody else's blog and it seems like you were just trolling. May be that's why you didn't get replies to your comments.
If you were trolling just so that people came to your blog, then hey, it worked on me. But it made me smile that you're saying why bloggers don't reply to comments. :)
By the way, were you excited about receiving a comment?? :)

R said...


Ha, yes I am excited. Thanks for the comment.

I actually wasn't talking about bloggers replying to my comments on their blogs. I like reading blogs, but I also like to read and learn a lot from comments. Sometimes I feel like the discussion would be more interesting if the actual post writer replied to some comments. Of course I don't expect writers to reply to every single comment, sometimes there are just too many.